Happy New Year 2013

2 Jan

So much to look forward to in 2013. I have a new website in the works as well as lots of rad, exciting things happening musically.

Looking forward to doing some great work this year. It’s going to be a year of progress and a great year of change, that much is already certain. In fact it’s already started.

Happy New Year!

Palms To Pines


Video of me playing ‘Georgia’ solo piano

13 Nov

This video is dirty and loose but I’m still mostly satisfied with it. I secretly took it at my gig last Friday at the Beverly Wilshire. When you play solo piano on a ‘wallpaper’ gig like this, it’s not uncommon to play a song for a long time so you can milk it (and thus pass the time). Hence the somewhat repetitive 8 minute version. I also took some crazy liberties and chances with it. Why not? Nobody’s listening that closely anyway (except the waiter who stopped me to ask what song I was playing).

Gary Vee Always Pumps Me Up

18 Oct

Check it out:

Turntable fixed

9 Oct

Early this Summer we were given an old turntable which had been given to us by an old friend. It sat around in a box for a couple months before I had the urge to set it up and see if it worked. It didn’t. So I asked around and was directed to in Normal Heights. They did a fantastic job restoring the turntable to working condition.

Now, I am developing into a vinyl freak which could be a big problem. I don’t have any room for records.

I must tell you, these records sound better than the digitally chopped up and compressed MP3s I’ve been listening to for the past several years. Creamy and live. Hard to describe it, but it’s real. And inspiring.

Another Awesome Video

28 Sep

This time by my friends at Gaslampball. This video talks about me wearing the Sisterhood of the Travelling Jersey at my final homegame of the 2012 season.

Dew Tour

20 Aug

Last month I had the privilege of creating some music for The Dew Tour along with some of my fellow Build Destroy Music artists like Ian Osborne and THX. The Dew Tour is an extreme sports competition taking place in three locations and airing on NBC/NBC Sports. Dru and I got to contribute as the Smashtronauts and worked with Bucky Lasek to get input on the types of music skaters like to ride to.

The Dew Tour is airing on NBC over the next couple of months. Check out this link to see some of the videos featuring music that we scored. Ian Osborne scored the main title and he did a sweet job.

Check out some of the videos talking about the music used here.

And here is the video of Dru and I producing with Bucky Lasek:

A Lack of Posting

5 Aug

In reality I am getting ready to migrate my website to something cooler. Hence the lack of activity. Sort of.

I’m off the Grid Up In Big Bear

27 Jun

Writing music. Back soon.

Sweet Video of me on Padres.com / MLB.com

21 Jun

They shot it yesterday while I played at the Padres vs. Rangers game:


Here’s a screenshot:

They just confirmed me for the second half of the season also, dates to follow, but it’s basically every Wednesday game that we’re home.

Skeetox 10 or 11

1 Jun

Last night we played another Skeetox event on the Sunset Strip. This was for the AT&T Daybreak web series.

It was a crazy rush getting everything together for it, but as usual it went off without a hitch. Here are a couple pics I stole from people’s Twitters:

Right half of the stage as Kid Ink performed

Me and Skee on the left half of the stage