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Battling a Piano All Morning

18 Nov

That’s what I’ve been doing as I recorded all these supposedly easy ‘Inspirational Solo Piano’ pieces. But all it did was show how shot my technique is. It may not be hard to play a 4 note ostinato over and over, but it may be a REAL challenge to do it with the right balance and so that it doesn’t rush at all. Man there is so much to playing this instrument. Even in the simplest song there is so much control you need to exert over the piano, it’s humbling, sobering, frustrating. It can ruin your week, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to actually record and you’re under the gun. And as I write this, I’m out of time again and have to RUSH off to work. Having to hurry to finish up what you’re trying to do to run off to work is the ultimate buzz kill. Not to knock anyone at work, but nobody at work cares or really knows about what I’m trying to do in the hours I’m not at work. They don’t understand that you had to wait for your tracks to bounce down and upload or you had to take your roommate to the airport, or that you’re rushing home to work on music until the second you have to come back again the next day. I wouldn’t expect it any other way, that’s the way it is in life: you handle your business and don’t bring baggage into the work place if you can help it. You show up to work and do a good job at work and apply your mind there. I just the music WAS my full time work.