The Fruits of This Week

19 Nov

After yesterday I was ready to set my piano on fire because nothing seemed to be going terribly well. Then when I came home and tried to frantically mix the stuff in 30 min as well as taking my roommate to the airport, the results went from bad to worse. There were a handful of notes that just dominated the whole sound in the bass, and they were messing everything up. And yet I had to submit it by noon, so I didn’t really have time to zero in and salvage it much. I faced all sorts of creative decisions that needed to be made quickly: do I compress it? If so, how much? how much reverb is good? Do I limit it to push the volume? how much of the ambient mic do I bring it? How should I EQ these 3 mics? Boring but crucial questions. So when I gave the songs a last pass right before rushing off to work, they seemed harsh, brittle and yet boomy; all horrible adjectives for music.

So I gave them another listen this morning and it turns out, they are not that horrible. They are not that great either, but I think these songs may make the mark for ‘inspirational songs’. If it seems like there isn’t enough development and they are boring pieces, that’s kind of the point. Picture these as a background during some montage about social anxiety disorder medication.

(P.S., I know the second one sounds kind of like ‘Firm Foundation’ that old CCM song. Well, it happens)

And here is the Dancehall track I was working on Monday. I think it’s okay, but for some reason the bass isn’t pumping like I thought it would. I need to take a look at my subwoofer.

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