Going to a Gig in Long Beach in a Couple Minutes

25 Nov

And I’m not really feeling it. I’d rather stay home after a long day of work or drive down to SD and be with my girlfriend. Having to lug all my stuff into a club, sit around and do nothing for an hour or so, hustle up, get on, play, get off, load back into the car, and drive back across that bridge isn’t sounding very appealing right now.

The band is good and it has little to do with them. It’s just the hassle of a late night all by myself the night before a holiday that has me scowling.

But you know what’s going to happen? Once I take a shower, get dressed for the gig and get loaded in, I’ll be pretty psyched. So often the key to having a good time on these things is staying positive, and even though it sounds like I’m anything but that right now, it’s not hard to do, at least with my homies Glen and Sean in the band. Glen is a creative and solid drummer with an urban sensibility informed by reggae and tempered with L.A. studio restraint. That sounds like a mouthful, but it’s an accurate description. It’s also a great combo. Seriously, it’s Jeff Porcaro meets Sublime, Marley and hip hop. So tonight will actually be fun, and that crew knows how to kind of explore a little bit and switch things up. With them you know that even if the main artist messes up or isn’t happening, there is 0 chance of a train wreck because it’s not in this crew’s DNA to make that happen.

You know what? I’m already feeling better about it!

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