And Just Like That

1 Dec

My Jingleball gig is CANCELLED.

The show is obviously going forward but not with the band. I got a text today that didn’t really explain it, but just said, ‘The gig is off’. How does that make me feel?

I woke up early yesterday, spent the ENTIRE DAY feverishly programming my keyboards, came back and programmed until 2 AM, woke back up at 7 AM and continued the assault until the second I went to work today. I am annoyed that I squandered the day and diverted my energy from composing the music I wanted to for a promising listing today. I am upset that I had to bail on the post concert annual hang last night to come home and program keyboards for a gig that would never happen. Time is a precious commodity and to see it wasted like that makes me angry.

I still don’t know what happened, nor that it’s anyone’s fault. I am imagining that DJ Skee had 2nd thoughts about trying to pull this crazy live act together at the last minute. Probably smart, although I feel like this band is so good that it wouldn’t have been a problem. I’ll be finding out soon though.

At least:

-I get some time back for this week
-I learned how to use Master Mode on the MOTIFs finally. Seriously, that’s pretty cool (and long overdue)
-I can go visit my GF in SD this week.

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