Tom Kubis Christmas Concert

6 Dec

Last Monday I played the Tom Kubis Christmas concert at Goldenwest college in Huntington Beach.

If you recall, that was the day that I was furiously trying to learn songs for the gig that was never to be. So before, during and after the concert, I wasn’t thinking too much of it. I also knew that my chops were in a pretty bad place, so I didn’t expect much out of myself playing wise, and thought nothing more of the evening than that it would be a fun 90 minute concert, then I would come back home and forget about it. This isn’t to belittle the band or how much I love playing with them, I’m simply saying that my mind was kind of elsewhere that night.

It was really an excellent concert though, and Tom remarked that his band hasn’t sounded that good for a long time. That’s high praise considering that his GW band has featured Jack Sheldon, Jeff Jarvis and Rusty Higgins in the past. Tom also had his daughter Nicole sing with her group, ‘The Swing Kittens’, a female vocal trio. These girls are about twenty years old but they sound like seasoned vets.

Well, apparently the concert was recorded and so Tom E-mailed us two tracks from it this weekend. I was actually very pleasantly surprised by how good the band sounds. Check out this song featuring the Swing Kittens. This one was a blast for me to play because I just got to cut loose in a Dixieland style, blowing over the top of it.

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