Been Running Around Like A Madman

17 Dec

I haven’t been able to post much on the old blog because I’ve been busy researching jobs and places to live in San Diego. I’ve been posting on Craigslist looking for students and that has been an interesting experience. After a post 2 nights ago with a link to some videos of me playing, I got three offers to play in different bands, a lame joking e-mail and another e-mail from someone interested in learning how to play ska/reggae. That’s progress!

I also interviewed with the area leader for a job that is entirely unrelated to music, teaching engineering to kids in school using LEGO. It was a great chat, but I had seen the ad too late as they just filled the positions with two great teachers.

So I’m looking for more students and a way to get something steady happening while I work on music in the cracks in between.


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