Gigs, Gigs, Gigs, $,$,$,$

20 Dec

I have been a gigging machine over the last week or so. It makes me feel like I’m a part of the old days (which I wasn’t around for) when it was easy to work 6 nights a week. The best part of it all is that these are all great gigs! They either pay well or they’re at Steamers, which is awesome.

Friday Dec 3
I got an E-mail from Jon Kubis asking if I can sub for him in a little big band called the Swing Cats. This band has Chris Booke in it and a couple other heads from the GWC Tom Kubis big band, including Tom himself. The gig is at a yacht club in Newport Beach and pays decently. It’s all reading, and the band leader Dan is a total pro. This gig was good and disastrous at the same time which possibly merits its own blog post.

Tuesday Dec 8
I am up in the valley teaching Reggae to the Kingdom Culture band. I am kind of a Reggae Consultant / mentor to this group of young musicians, and it’s been an awesome priviledge to get to do this. I also get paid which is nice.

Friday Dec 11 1:00 PM
I play a company Christmas party at Terrenea, this swanky new resort on the Palos Verdes coast. When I get there, I get told to go to the security office, and they have to bring a cart, and I have to park, and someone needs to take me and my gear down to the site. What? To top it all off, the landscape people are fertilizing the heck out of everything with this noxious chemical/manure combination. I am setting up and sweating when I am supposed to be playing. I hit 10 minutes late, but the people are very gracious about it and entirely understand that it’s the resort’s lame fault, as they had issues with them as well.

Friday Dec 11 8:00 PM
I got another e-mail at the same point in the week I did before, from Jon Kubis again. He needs me to play with the Swing Cats again, and this time it pays a little more, I need to wear my tux, and it’s at a Swanky Golf Club in La Habra. This gig was a total success and joy to play. Tom was on it again, and he sounded phenomenal on tenor and soprano. I feel like I redeemed myself for what happened last time with this performance.

Saturday Dec 19th 3:00 PM
I played at a church I sub at sometimes, Ascension Lutheran up in Palos Verdes. For a small church with a small Saturday service of about 50 people, the band is pretty good and playing there is fun. They have a piano much like my piano at home but a little smaller, a 6′ Kawai. This week we had more music to do than usual as it was a Christmas concert. The bass player played stand up, and with the tune selection we kind of sounded like the Prairie Home Companion band, which is alright in my book.

Saturday Dec 19th 7:30 PM
I played at a nice house in Palos Verdes Estates for a couple’s holiday party. They said they’d probably need me until 11:30 aka for 4 hours. I said ‘okay, (we’ll see)’. Turns out they were right! The last guests left at 11:35 and I played until then. This was a LOT of playing, but it really didn’t feel like a drag at any point. There were a couple reasons this gig was so easy and fun. 1) Everybody enjoyed the music and complimented me on it. Some parties are full of stuck up pretentious ^$&@s. Not this one. 2) The piano was in tune and a joy to play. It was another Kawai KG series, and it was great.

Sunday Dec 20th 10:00 AM
I played a Christmas pageant this morning at Holy Trinity. I just showed up 10 minutes beforehand, played 5 Christmas Carols in between some readings, then jetted out of there. Easy and fun!


Coming up, even more gigs! Tomorrow night, (Monday the 21st) I’m playing at Steamers in Fullerton.

Then Christmas eve, I play at church, then I jet back up to P.V. for another private party. Then, New Years Eve, I’m playing at a restaurant called ‘The Winery’.

It’s great to have work! Of course the second 2010 hits, the work will dry up faster than Tiger Woods’ endorsements.

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