I Just Played a High School Winter Formal

9 Jan

In Fullerton, near Steamers, at some manor they rent out for events. I was playing piano in the entrance where all the high school kids were coming in and checking in with their bids and permission slips. They all looked so YOUNG.

The theme for the formal was Casablanca. Who the hell thought of that, some kids? I doubt it. It was probably the mustachioed gray hair sitting right in front of me who turned around and said ‘Can you play “As Time Goes By”, the theme is “Casablanca”‘. Kids under 18 don’t know what Casablanca is! Unless they all watched it in some film class, or go to ‘Humphrey Bogart’ high school.

Anyway, the gig went off well, and because I had been practicing like a fiend for the past 2 days, I felt like Superman ripping around the piano. We’ll see if it persists into tomorrow morning’s church gig.


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