Arranging for Big Band, a lil’ Help over here?

11 Jan

So I may be meeting up with Tom Kubis for some arranging help. Wouldn’t that be sweet? He’s a busy guy, and I’m not some prolific arranger talent that he necessarily should have the type of day for, so if I can get any time with him it will be a favor on his part. It would be cool though. He’s one of the most renown arrangers in the world, especially of Big Band stuff. I want to start with him by getting his help translating an arrangement with 4 or 5 distinct voices, like a 4 horn chart, into something that will work for Big Band, where there are 13 or 14 voices. I think it’s a matter of clever doubling, but there’s more to it than that. It has to do also with coming up with great background material and counter themes in the other choirs, and he’s great at that.

So I may meet with him if he has time, but I may not. We’ll see what he says.

This is the intro for the piece I had in mind. I’ve been working on it for the past couple days.


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