What’s been going on?

20 Jan

I have reported little on the musical front lately. There isn’t much to write about except that:

– I am living 1/2 in Los Angeles and 1/2 in San Diego (what else is new)
-It’s been raining all week, and I hate driving in the rain, though it wasn’t too bad Tuesday despite the heinous photos below
-I am looking for work
-Out of 30 or so Craigslist responses, one has turned into a real student, and he’s pretty cool.
-I’ve been playing at my old church gig in downtown San Diego
-Debbie’s on vacation in New Zealand, so it’s just me and the occasional Tiffany at her house.
-I like arranging, but it’s very time consuming and you gotta have a plan
-My hands get really really dry after a shower.
-Despite all the ‘time’ I have, I haven’t written any music in the past 2 weeks for library purposes. I plan to change that fact starting tomorrow
-I’ve been practicing a LOT, which feels dandy.

Driving down to SD from LA, 1/18/10


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