What Girls Like

29 Jan

Yesterday I was practicing on my Yamaha CP33 (my practice piano when I’m not playing my real piano, which is still in L.A. for the moment) and blowing myself away with how I had this Bach under my fingers. I was playing the F# minor Prelude from the ‘Well Tempered Clavier Bk. 1’, which I dig as it has this kind of piratey swagger to it, especially when you pull up the Harpsichord patch and play it with that. This is what it sounds like (on piano):

So I had Debbie (my girlfriend) come in from the other room to put on headphones and give it a listen as I played it. She thought it was nice enough. Then I started waxing on about how cool the WTC was, and how some of Bach’s harmonic movement is great and people like Radiohead and Muse kind of exploit the same progressions. So I start to play a piece that influenced Muse’s ‘Ruled By Secrecy’, Bach’s Prelude in C minor from the WTC. I start to play the following piece, but only get like 3 bars into it:

Because she has been lost ever since I said the word ‘MUSE’ and all she can say is ‘oooh oooh, play MUSE, play MUSE!’ Now MUSE has what, 50 songs? But when she exclaims ‘Play MUSE’ I know what she means is, “Play the riff from Starlight”. So I let my passionate and brilliantly reasoned explanation of this link between classical music and modern music die on my lips, and I begin to hammer out:

And now she’s REALLY happy. For 20 seconds. Then she gets bored and says, ‘You know what I REALLY want you to play!’ in a demanding fashion. What? I thought you wanted me to play MUSE? At least you did 20 seconds ago! But I actually know what she’s referring to because of my excellent instincts. So then I hammer this one out:

Which is either immediately recognizable, or you’ve never heard it in your life. It’s the theme from the Office. And she’s happily dancing around, more fired up than any of that other music made her.

From high art and quality skilled performance of the piano to bangin’ out riffs we all know and love, you never know what will spark the fancy of the girl you like.

2 Responses to “What Girls Like”

  1. bernadette January 29, 2010 at 8:19 pm #

    LOL. Bobby, you are awesome. I like your “Prelude in C”– how it builds and those notes creating those odd colors…

    I have no idea if I’ve ever heard of MUSE’s music, but you make it sound way cool. At least you’re diversified enough to play what she likes.

    • bobbycressey February 8, 2010 at 5:15 pm #

      I hope you know I didn’t write the Prelude in Cm. That’s Bach. I didn’t even play that version, that’s from a CD I have. I did ‘remaster’ it to put it up because the original recording was super quiet. But yeah, all credit to Bach for that.

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