Bass Heavy Hip Hop Groove

3 Feb

Sometimes you hear a song and say, ‘ I should write something like that! Something that has ****** and ****** and some ****** with that heavy ******* sound’.


In essence you are saying you want to copy a song, but not note for note. You want to copy the musical elements of a song that stand out to you as the reasons that song is so cool. I had one of those moments during rehearsal yesterday. This song had a hip hop beat with a crazy hi hat and most importantly a heavy, delicious bass. So I copied those elements and came up with a groove of my own. Here she is:


One Response to “Bass Heavy Hip Hop Groove”

  1. bernadette February 4, 2010 at 3:27 pm #

    nice. how’s composing songs for shows? any takers on your work?

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