Two More Songs That Couldn’t Be Any More Different….

5 Feb

In the past 18 hours I’ve written two cues that are about as far away from one another stylistically as you can get. Or maybe not. But they are also in two styles which I have never even pretended to be able to write or produce in. That is up until now, when certain listings or happy accidents just led to things that enabled me to make them.

This first one is a sketch only, so don’t knock my obviously fake drums. Also those ain’t real guitars, but they might for once in my life actually be passable enough that it doesn’t matter.


This is an attempt at Calypso. This listing wants promient steel drums vibes. I can’t help thinking ‘Under the Sea’, or even worse, the lame music that they put in the end scene of the Remastered ‘Return of the Jedi’ with the Ewoks dancing. Why did they need to change that? Lame.


So yes, two very different songs. But nothing’s more encouraging than saying to oneself, ‘I’ve never done that before, I’d like to give that a try’ and then actually succeeding. I just say, ‘YES!’, knowing full well that tomorrow I could wake up and have far fewer breakthroughs than I did today. Knowing that days like this do happen is what you mentally go back to to buoy you through the rougher times, which I’ve had a lot more of lately to be honest.

Also, enjoy this unrelated image:

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