9 Feb

So it’s possibly old hat at this point, but I thought I should say something about the Grammys (grammies?). Overall, I was disappointed with the Grahamies this year wI hen compared to the Grammys of late. The 50th Grammys two years ago with Herbie Hancock winning album of the year and that rad performance with Herbie and Lang Lang playing Rhapsody in Blue was a great night, and I thought it was a great message from the recording industry that it values talented musicians and the music they create. This year wasn’t a radical departure from that or anything that dramatic, but it was far less compelling performance and award wise.

A brief rundown from memory:
-Beyonce performing with a bunch of black dude robots and suddenly launching into Alanis Morrisette’s ‘You Outta Know’. Would she do the infamous first verse F bomb? Nope! Although the suspense in the song up to that point was killing me as I wondered if she would. Instead she went with a ‘And are you thinking of me when you (silence)’. She didn’t pull the wool over anyone’s eyes with that manoeuvre. The performer simply refusing to sing a part reminds me of…
-Bon Jovi performing his very relevant for 2010 set. One interesting thing was that the Grammy watching audience got to vote on which song he performed, and the chose ‘Living on a Prayer’. The idea of an audience choosing the artist’s song inspired me with another thought that I’ll touch on soon in another blog post. Anyway the question with ‘living on a prayer’ was if Bon Jovi would go for his ‘Whooooaaa, oooooahhW, Living on a Prayer!’ which is throat laceratingly high. The answer is no, he just let the girl from Sugarland sing it while he just backed away from the mic.

-Dave Matthews Band performed a song, and it was not bad. I was stoked to see them there, and I am a BIG DMB fan. At least pre 2002 DMB fan. Their later stuff I’m just not familiar with. The string section of ‘everyday people’ was kind of weird, as well as the half genuine half fake smiles on their faces.
-Pink was awesome. Simple song, amazing (scary) acrobatics, and the whole thing was imbued with her bad ass becomes mature and vunlnerably beautiful vibe, which made for a poignant performance in a night of otherwise one dimensional performances.
-Taylor Swift one a bunch of stuff based on her great album and her great song about high heels vs sneakers / cheerleader vs bleachers. I like that song! it’s a mastefully written tune! She deserved her awards, but the performance with Stevie Knicks was kind of whack. As in heinously out of tune.

-Black Eyed Peas sounded out of breath. I didn’t dig their performance. They write good songs, or at least genre defning ones. I’m not a huuuge fan, but I dig the art of what they do. The performance didn’t do much for me though.
-Leon Russel with that country band from Georgia was cool!
-Michael Jackson tribute was LAME. Thanks for making it 3D so we couldn’t watch at home. Let’s see, who can we get that have seriously nothing to do with one another? Smokey Robinson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Usher, and Celine Dion. Earth song is cool, but the contrived way in which they sang to a screen did nothing for me.
The sound for the whole night was pretty horrible. What gives?! You’d think with this much $$ going into it they would have top quality sound production. A lot of this wasn’t the artists’ faults necessarily. Taylor and Stevie were probably out of tune because they couldn’t hear themselves at all. That’s really unacceptable. Guess what? Same thing happened at the Superbowl. The Who sounded pretty rubbish, but from what I gather from people there, it sounded amazing live. The T.V. people can’t mix to save themselves!

Anyway, let’s hope next year’s Grammys are a little more inspiring.

One Response to “Grammys”

  1. Graham February 12, 2010 at 12:10 am #

    The “Grahamies” eh? I’m on to you!!

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