Oh No!

25 Feb

My Blog is SAGGING!

Forgive me, I actually have a great deal to talk about. And I have the time to talk about it. But at the moment, I don’t necessarily have the inclination to talk about it. I have some big posts in the works, and big potential musical projects in the works. But I’ll let these things ripen just a tad before I spill them onto my computer for all to see.

This week, I have been stranded in L.A. for some rehearsals, so my ability to produce has been hampered. I’m back down to S.D. tonight though, and the production is back on. The rehearsals are indeed part of one of the possible ‘big things in the works’, but I’m not letting the cat out of the bag yet. As with so many cats in so many bags, this one might actually be dead and unceremoniously flop out onto the counter with mild horror, repugnance and disappointment.

But more info is coming soon, I swears it.


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