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And How’s This….

8 Mar

….In addition to the above (below) mentioned craziness, the action continues today. Woke up and made breakfast for the family, taught my prodigious Chinese nieces ‘Pokerface’ on the piano, then went to Mark Mohr’s studio and tracked an entire album’s worth of keyboards for this artist from Bermuda named ‘Geneman’. We went from 10 till 5 with a nice break in there for Lunch at Thai Tiffany’s, and I also squeezed in two organ solos on the Israelites new album with Solomon Jabby. Productive!

Geneman is this sweet Bermudan cat with a very intense look. He’s shredded and has the bald head with the long dreads coming out the back, and four piercings in each ear. He’ll look at you and you think he’s going to destroy you, but instead he says, ‘Many blessings Papa’. That’s right, he calls people ‘papa’. He was moved to tears during our recording today, and stoked to see the efficiency with which Mark and I work together. That will probably be the subject of another blog post, tracking with Mark Mohr of Christafari. I had a GREAT day the whole time today, which is rare for an 8 song session. I usually run out of creative steam after like 3 or 4.

But now, I am heading up to the Valley AGAIN for Roge’s Kingdom Culture rehearsal. It all comes together at a concert on Friday night, when Christafari and Kingdom Culture perform.

And tomorrow morning I have rehearsal in Loz Feliz at Wavaflow studios with DJ SKEE.

The prius is earning its keep as gas saver for sure.