Dropped This Today and It Feels Good

10 Mar

I was trying to produce hip hop cues today and my first effort wasn’t going well. I had a concept and the concept wasn’t taking shape in a good way. The groove was mundane, sounding more pop than hip hop, and the sounds weren’t right. So I stuck a fork in it and said, ‘Forget it. I can’t work on this stupid cue any longer’. And I metaphorically crumpled it up and set it aside, pulling out a fresh sheet of paper (a new project). I just wanted an organic drum sound, and a simple groove. So I laid it down. Then I thought ‘guitar’ not ‘keyboards’ and laid this guitar part down. Then I sustained one note on a pad sound, and filtered it and turned it down in the mix, just to provide a little background sonority. Then I dialed in a flutey organ sound, and before you know it I had this groove.

It’s so simple, and it feels pretty good. Don’t know what else to do with it really, nor do I know if it’ll work as a T.V. cue. But at least I know I have the ability to set aside some garbage if it’s not going well and then produce something better without the ‘garbage’ contaminating my creative vibe.

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