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Mid Gig Blogging

16 Mar


20 Questions for ‘Where Am I'”:

1) Are you in San Diego? No

2) Are you in L.A. County? Yes

3) Are you on a Gig Yes

4) Are you playing with a Band No

5) Are you playing Solo Piano on the Queen Mary for 4 hours for some company that’s 75% Asian, 25% Caucasian and you can’t figure out what they do exactly. ALMOST ENTIRELY CORRECT

Right now I am on a ‘break’, and so I got to duck into an adjoining room and scarf down a medley of catered food. Topped it off with one of these vanilla pistachio deals:

These Things Were Delicious

I am also fully tuxed up. To my dismay, I am finding that the tux I got for Christmas last year is not fitting as well. Gotta shed some lbs at some point.

So gigs on the Queen Mary can either be very smooth and easy, or they can be a freaking sweatfest. That all depends on the load in. If I have to bring any gear, the gig is almost not worth it, because it entails dragging a keyboard and amplification across a huge parking lot, onto an elevator or simply up 4 flights of stairs because the elevator isn’t always working, and then clear across the ship to the room I’m playing in. While wearing a tux. But fortunately this gig was in one of the rooms with a piano, so I just walked onto the ship and did my thing.

When I got into the elevator to head up to the 4th floor, I was first in followed by probably 10 Japanese people, with others trying to crowd in to no avail. One of them turned towards me and asked if I knew where their party was. “Nope”. I don’t work here. Of course of all the rooms and events on the QM, they were actually headed to the same room I was, and I was playing for their company.

So I got there and started playing, and the Japanese folk streamed in soon after. And as they came in, they eagerly made their way over to me to take a picture. I must have taken 10 different pictures while seated at the piano. But they were digging what I was doing, which is nice as I haven’t been playing much in the solo jazz piano vein lately.

Then at length the esteemed leader of this organization, and my contact for the night, appeared on the scene 75 minutes after I had begun to play, and asked me to play a little longer through dinner. Now normally I take breaks every hour, and I’ve already been playing for longer than that, but this woman apparently had a son go to the emergency room today, and she hasn’t been around to hear my playing so far, so I kept at it. And 45 min later, she got up to do awards with her company and I got to sneak off to the side room and eat their food like a jackal stalking leftovers.

And since I have my computer with me (I’m using it as a display for my music) I figured I’d share the experience here. The longer these awards go, the less time I will have to play after, as I’m supposed to play until 10:45 and it’s already 10:00. In the meantime I’m still trying to figure out what the heck this company does.

Tuxed Up