17 Mar

I have to say today is shaping up to be an excellent one. So far I:

-E-mailed a friend of a friend who runs a big music library, and he got back to me saying ‘Send some stuff over’

-Signed a non-exclusive agreement with another library that has a lot of placements. This was from a forward way back in November, and I had assumed nothing was going to come of it.

-Got a phone call from the Padres saying I have an audition on Monday. Audition for what?!? I still am not fully divulging that cat from that bag just yet. But I have been pursuing that HARD and just when I thought all was lost, I got a nice phone call saying that they have been lagging and want me to come in for an audition.

-Snuck into a SD area apartment’s pool, swam and read for a bit.

TONIGHT, I am thinking St. Paddy’s day in downtown SD catching the ‘Aggrolites’ at the House of Blues. My boy Roger will get me and the lady in on the list +1 or 2 more if anyone wants to join us.

The Aggrolites (post Korey)

Petco Park

Secret Pool

One Response to “GREAT DAY So Far”

  1. Emily March 18, 2010 at 8:19 am #

    One word: Baller.

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