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Make Sure it Sounds Like the Record!

20 Mar

I’ve been programming like crazy for an upcoming show. I haven’t talked at all about this project or show up until now, but the time to do so will soon be upon us. Suffice to say that it’s largely deja vu related to THIS post.

So I’ve been programming probably 50 different pop/rap songs which is either fun or the worst thing ever. I just thought I’d share a couple patches that I built from the ground up on my MOTIF XS, which I think come pretty close to the real thing. I’ve been programming a song which you’ll be familiar with if you read my blog.

So check out these comparisons between my programmed patches and the real thing.



MY PATCH: (only the new patch, not both at the same time like on the record)

REAL THING (bear in mind that at this point you’re hearing both patches play the same line):

These patches are not dead on. But they are pretty close, and certainly will do the trick live. In fact, for a live performance, these patches are pretty damn good! Actually, the only real difference is the effects that the raw patches are being processed through. The MOTIF’s reverbs and delays are just different from the top notch ones used by RedOne on the record.

This is the one of the differences between an okay/adequate keyboard player and one who considers himself to be at the top of his game and very relevant. You gotta play well in many styles. You gotta talk the talk, walk the walk, act like you’ve been there before. You gotta work well with others. And you have to be able to PROGRAM your gear. Booyah.