Skeetox Part I

1 Apr

This week has been a cascade of cool events. Obviously if you read this blog or know me then you know that I heard about the Padres gig on Tuesday night and how crazy insane cool that is.

But what most of you don’t know is that the Padres have only been a dollop of whipped cream on the four layer coconut cake that has been this week. My head has not been in the ‘Padres Organ Gig’ space as much as it has been in another place.

That place is Skeetox.

What is Skeetox? Skeetox is the culmination of what began here, and here. It is the real execution of the aborted Jingle Ball set with DJ Skee back in December. The concept is basically having a DJ spin the vocals to songs, (which are called acapellas by DJs) and having a live band play underneath it. You can play the parts exactly; you can can change them up, you can transition from one song to the next, you can remix the songs.

Take that concept, have excellent players play the parts, have a DJ who knows how to twist and mangle sounds at his will, and take a company like that has marketing muscle and knows how to throw a party and mix it together. Oh yeah, and add 4 guests artists of varying degrees of fame, one of whom is named S—p D–g and you get Skeetox.

The concept is explained here by DJ Skee himself:
Skee explains Skeetox

And here is the Skeetox website itself:
Skeetox Website

So for the past three months I have been driving up to L.A. at least once a week to rehearse this stuff. It has been a huge programming task, with probably hundreds of hours going into building the sounds frome 50 or so popular songs on 2 Yamaha Motifs, and probably hundreds of hours spent sitting in my car driving back and forth between San Diego and Wavaflow Studios where we’ve been rehearsing.

It all comes to a head tomorrow night when the world is exposed to the Skeetox set. Although I haven’t seen any evidence of it yet, apparently there will be some crazy lighting wall. With these folks I have no reason to doubt it. I’ll try and post a couple pictures as the thing progresses. In fact I’m heading up to the Vanguard in about an hour for our big load in and sound check.

It comes in waves. Then of course next week Skeetox will be a memory. But hopefully it will be a rad one, and hopefully a harbinger of things to come.


One Response to “Skeetox Part I”

  1. Debbie April 1, 2010 at 11:17 am #

    I’ll be there or be square!

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