Skeetox Part III Preview

3 Apr

Skeetox was ridiculous. One of the greatest thrills of my life. But I have had an insane Saturday – – no time to celebrate here. Hit an outdoor Easter rehearsal then three parter wedding gig in Fullerton. Just got back and showered and I’m about to catch some sleep, because I have to be back out in Orange at 8:30. So I’ve had no time to even think about Skeetox too much.

Did it really happen? The black jumpsuit in a crumpled heap on my floor with the Skeetox sticker says it did. The phone call from my homie who was there saying the show was amazing says it did. The blurry photos of SNOOP and Xzibit I took from the stage says it did. I just haven’t had time to talk about it or post about it.

But I’ll get there, maybe tomorrow, maybe later.

Snoop on the Left, Xzibit on the Right (Dodgers). Left Hand: taking picture. Right hand: playing 'Gin and Juice' lead


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