Skeetox Part III Part I Part II

5 Apr

No time to post more Skeetox details. Today I’ve been running around SD county looking for the cheapest organ I can find for the Padres. I’ve checked out a residence, a thrift store, and will be heading up to San Marcos to check out another one in just a minute here.

I am trying to post video from Skeetox meanwhile on Facebook, and it’s not going well. It should be up soon. When it is, I’ll hit you with the links.

One pic of Snoop at Skeetox


One Response to “Skeetox Part III Part I Part II”

  1. jen April 6, 2010 at 12:23 am #

    well aren’t we all big time now. congratulations mr. cressey. i’m proud of you old friend. may you have many more musical adventures to come.

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