I saw the Album Leaf on Friday

16 May

In North Park at a cool theatre I didn’t know existed.

I always feel a mixed bag of emotions when I see music like this. Among them:

joy, appreciation, jealousy, boredom, amazement, serenity, frustration, happiness and annoyance.

Seriously all those things I felt, and often feel when I see live music. Sometimes being a musician spoils what you’re seeing because you understand it on many levels. Sometimes it enhances your appreciation of it because they are doing it well. Usually, I’d rather be up there playing myself.

This band is good though, and I love and appreciate my girlfriend and friends for dragging me out to experiences like this and expanding my horizons.

We also ate at a place called ‘Western Steakburger’ before hand which was a very very tasty hole in the wall. Another huge + was riding our bikes over there. That made it awesome. Then shakes afterwards at ‘Brians” in Hillcrest.

I will write more about this concert at some point. Or not.


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