Maloof Money Cup?

2 Aug

I hadn’t heard of it until I heard we’d be performing there with SKEETOX on August 7th. That be 5 days from now.

Then of course I hear Jim Rome interview Joe Maloof on his show on Thursday, and it turns out he is a co-owner of the Sacramento Kings, and this is one of the biggest events in Skateboarding. Awesome. Skeetox is playing a set at an upscale party at ‘Sutra’ in Costa Mesa. Gonna be banging away all week learning the set, and getting things dialed in nice and tight.

And there should be some serious special guests in the house for this one as well.

Also, I played a Throwback Thursday last week, and it was awesome. Sold out victory over the Dodgers. And I’m playing one again next week. Stay chuned.

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