Interesting Blog Statistic

27 Aug

I can’t say I’m entirely surprised by the following graph of hits on my blog. I started the blog in November of last year, and posted all kinds of interesting things that happened to me, thoughts that occurred to me, and music that I wrote or found interesting.

Over the past two or three months, my blog has taken a different turn. Posts have become less frequent, and they’ve become shorter. The subject matter has been less ‘all over the map’ as well.

That’s not to say nothing interesting has happened to me, or that it’s been a period of musical stagnation. These Summer months have been fruitful. There have been many tough moments, but an equally big compliment of great moments and first time milestones to make it a good Summer.

As August winds down I have one remaining Throwback Thursday (September 30th), the Skeetox Summer series has come to and end, outdoor gig season is over (not that I did any this year anyway), and the Fall is a comin. Here’s to a hopefully fruitful Fall full of more of the same!


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