Frustration Nation, A Hard Knock Life, Stop Complaining

21 Oct

Nobody wants to read about somebody else’s problems. I know I don’t. I have plenty of my own, just look below. If you don’t want to read griping, then don’t read this particular blog post.

It seems like every way I attempt to mold my own destiny down here I am getting shut down or pushed back.

Now in many ways I’ve had a great year. Just look back over the blog posts from the past year and you’ll see all the incredible things I’ve been able to do and situations I’ve found myself in. I’ve played behind superstars, performed in front of 42,000 people for a Major League Baseball team, heard my music on television on a very popular cable T.V. show. And yet, to be frank, I’m not making enough $$$ and this glamorous lifestyle isn’t at all sustainable. YET. And yet sometimes it’s tantalizingly close. It’s like I’m trying tenaciously to start a fire but nothing is catching, the wood isn’t burning yet, only little bits of newspaper that keep blowing out.

So I’ve looked for work, tried to solicit and build a student base, and tried to create positions for myself. And it’s gotten me nowhere.

Maybe I’m not trying hard enough. Maybe I should solicit students much HARDER. I do have a Website, a YELP and I post on Craigslist for students all the time, but it hasn’t netted me a super significant amount of students. (The ones I have are pretty awesome though).

I was hoping and praying that the Padres gig would lead to something more than 6 games for 2011. But to quote a young executive I had a nice exchange with after a Skeetox gig at the Roxy, hope is not a strategy. So I called into the local radio station as Bobby the organ player and talked sports every once in awhile. I drafted a proposal for an educational outreach for the off season that would use me, the organ player. I told them I’d love to play more games. And they told me thanks, but the gig will pretty much be the same next year as it was this year.

So what should I do? Maybe God doesn’t want me doing this whole creative thing because it makes me a nasty person. Maybe he wants it on the side for me, but doesn’t want it as the center of my $ picture because it makes me too inward.

There’s always The EIT exam……


3 Responses to “Frustration Nation, A Hard Knock Life, Stop Complaining”

  1. emilymyer October 22, 2010 at 3:49 pm #

    Hmm, good questions. Here’s my answer:

    Go to Brians. Get a PB & Chocolate milkshake [malt or no malt, your decision]. Sit in a comfy booth and enjoy. I’m pretty sure everything will become clear 🙂 Let me know if you need a hand, I’m sure Graham and I would love to help!

  2. Graham October 23, 2010 at 6:52 pm #

    According to your Yelp page, nearby in Performing Arts is “Lips.” Chin up; you have some tough competition

  3. bernadette December 23, 2010 at 8:36 am #

    The economy is going through hard times now. Don’t be hard on yourself. Honestly, if we were rolling in the dough– I’d hire you in a minute.

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