Sad / Creepy

4 Nov

I was sitting with my piano teacher, the great Ed Deveny. We were trying to decide what to work on and I was fired up to be getting some new classical pieces under my fingers. I’ve been craving good classical instruction lately and finally was going to get some. We were trying to decide between a Debussy piece and a Beethoven piece. He played some of the Beethoven, but I wanted to do the Debussy. He told me to start reading the piece, and I did. Three notes in, he takes my hand and raises it and has me play it again with my hand elevated and the proper technique. This is so great, exactly what I’ve been needing. Then I realize something horrible and look at him. He passed away earlier this year and this has to be a dream. I look at him and tell him I miss him. He says ‘I’m so SORRY Bob’, and I wake up.

That was this morning.


One Response to “Sad / Creepy”

  1. Corrie November 5, 2010 at 9:31 am #

    So sad Bobby. Hope you can honor his memory today. Play the Debussy for him.

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