Purp and Yellow Remix

19 Jan

Well, as predicted, 2011 is indeed shaping up to be a good year.

I got a call last Monday from the Skeetox crew, saying we would be shooting a music video for the Lakers Remix of Wiz Kalifa’s song, ‘Black and Yellow’, called ‘Purp and Yellow’. Purple and Yellow are the Lakers colors of course. I also got a call from someone at Skee.tv asking my sizes because Nike was going to hook us up with gear. Awesome!

So I’m driving up to L.A. on Thursday, knowing that the shoot is going to be at S.I.R. in Hollywood at 7. This will give me time to hang out with my friend, organist extraordinaire, Jim Alfredson who was in town and ready to hang. Around 4:30 though I get a call and am told that the shoot is now at 6 o’clock, and it’s at some crazy spot I’ve never heard of around downtown L.A., but the directions are on the way. Well damn, gotta bail on Roscoe’s with Jim!

So I end up at this crazy warehouse in L.A., and D.J. Kick Mix is setting up lights, and we’re apparently way behind schedule. But over the next 90 minutes, an entire set and film crew appears, as well as tons of people.

Empty warehouse getting setup for video shoot.

Coming Together....

Great Pictures of Snoop and Game. I am on the left.

And so before you know it, this video shoot was happening, and I was rocking all kind of sick Nike gear. Check out the behind the scenes video Skee.tv produced!


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