Teaching One Year Later

23 Jan

Last year when I first moved down to San Diego, I started with no students at all.

A year later, I have taught about 20 different students, and have 10 that are fairly consistent. And lucky for me, each one is pretty awesome.

I teach people from all walks of life in all kinds of different aspects of piano and keyboard playing. With one of my new students we’ve been breaking down great organ solos from Santana, Deep Purple and The Zombies. With another I am tackling advanced jazz concepts, and with another we are beginning a study of jazz from the beginning. Some are novices, some are picking it back up after a long time. The varied curriculum makes it so I am never bored, and I love seeing all my students and enjoy teaching them.

One new student recently said to me, ‘You make this the favorite part of my week.’ To use an Ina Gartenism: How cool is that?

If you haven’t seen it, check out my teaching website: SDPianoteacher.com

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