Sampling Rehearsal and Making Music Out Of It

12 Feb

Sampling is fun. I took a recording from my rehearsal the other night with Jane Lui, and created a beat out of it. A little menacing for Jane, but a cool effect.

Here’s some info on how I did it:

First, here’s the raw clip of audio taken from our rehearsal. It was recorded on a 5 year old digital picture camera, so the audio is mushy and bad. You can hear Jane saying ‘Is that right?’ in the middle of it. Definitely a rehearsal.

clip from rehearsal:

The snare hits in the sample were distorted, so I couldn’t really use them. I took that audio, chopped it up, copied some of it, and came up with this:

rearranged clip:

lastly, I took that clip, stretched it to a specific time grid, and pitched it down. Then I built a beat around it.

Here it is:

We’ll see if this clip doesn’t end up in a T.V. show somewhere….


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