Furious Last Minute Recording Extravaganza

23 Feb

I had 22 hours to compose, record and mix these three songs. It was for an opportunity for a film that wanted New Orleans style music.

Not only did I have to drive over to Glendale to record the drums, but I had a huge rehearsal in the middle of the day as well as a long lunch with an old friend in Eagle Rock.

Recorded drums yesterday morning at my friend Paul Van De Riet’s place in Glendale. Went to Skeetox rehearsal in West Hollywood. Went back up to Paul’s to break everything down (which he’d already done for me), then met up with my old friend Lee Raby in Eagle Rock. We ate at this ridiculous spot called ‘The Oinkster’. Then I cut a swath across rush hour traffic from Eagle Rock to Palos Verdes, hastily miced up the Hammond, and recorded some quick things as these compositions started to take shape. Then I dragged everything out of the garage and over to my mom’s old Acrosonic piano and miced that up, and Eitan and Hugh came over to record trumpet and guitar. Then they left and I mixed and shaped these things until 2:30 AM.

Been tweaking a little this morning, but here is what we came up with:

A Meters Style tune called Voodoo Mama:

An I don’t know what you’d call it style tune called ‘Phantoms In The Big Easy’:

A pseudo New Orleans Piano style song called ‘Professor Gumbo’:

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