Catching Up and Settling In

7 Apr

April is here, and so many things have transpired. I am entering a great season of life with both my marriage and my professional work.

In the interest of extreme brevity, here is a timeline of significant events:

-March 4 – Had an awesome bachelor party with some of the most important guys in my life. I wish MORE could have been there but we had an awesome group.
-March 5 – Subbed at a killer killer church in Rancho Bernardo. The dude who normally holds down the keys chair is one of S.D.’s baddest players. I do my best and it goes well.
-March 7 – Music on T.V. with a new show called ‘All About Aubrey’ on Oxygen. I have 7 placements on the show, and it airs 10 times that week.
-March 14 – Episode 2 of ‘All About Aubrey’ has a ton more of my music. It airs a ton that week too, and they reair it on Bravo and E.
-March 18 – I had an incredible rehearsal dinner with extended family and close friends out at Tree Of Life Nursery
-March 19 – I got married in San Clemente. This is said to be the most important day of one’s life. That makes sense to me. It was definitely one of the most fun days of my life.
-March 20 – I left for Malta with my new wife Debbie. I got my first royalty check on the 21st of March.
-March 21 – I received my first ASCAP royalty statement for Publishing royalties from July August and September of last year (2010). That was the time my first cues hit the air on MTV.
-March 30 – We landed back in the United States after an incredible honeymoon.
-April 2nd – Big gig with Partyquake at a corporate event in S.D. Unfathomably I get my wires crossed and show up LATE to rehearsal. All forgiven though, and gig goes great.
-April 4th – More music on T.V., Rob’s Fantasy Factory Season 4
-April 6th – I get an E-mail out of the blue from the Padres with a handful of dates that they are thinking of using organ at the ballpark.
-April 7th – TODAY. Going down to Petco Park to take a picture for a credential, writing some busier bigger cues for RFF season 4 as requested.
-April 10 – Huge Party and jam session reception for our wedding at the Embarcadero North in downtown San Diego.
-April 11 – Will get my second ASCAP royalty statement, this one for Writing royalties for the same period as the publishing 2 weeks ago. It’ll be at least as much as the other, but might have more.
-April 13 – First Padre game of the 2011 season.

That brings us up to speed pretty quickly I’d say. I might touch on this or that from the above events, but at least the skeleton of a timeline is up and this blog is now officially caught up!

One Response to “Catching Up and Settling In”

  1. emilymyer April 7, 2011 at 8:36 am #

    Yahoo! Your wedding was a blast & we look forward to partying with you again on Sunday 🙂 Congratulations on this new season of life, looks like it’s going to be one for the books. Glad things are going well, Bobby!

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