David Hasselhoff

10 May

I had a gig with the Swingcats Bigband in Rosemead last Saturday. It was at a retirement home and other than that I knew nothing about the gig. So I roll up to what seems to be a perfectly ordinary facility: nothing fancy but by no means dilapidated either. As I’m loading in making trips to my car I spy two things:

#1 An old guy, clearly a resident of this facility, strolling up a path towards a nearby bench who is wearing a shirt that says ‘THE HOF’.

#2 Two cones in some parking spaces reserving them for VIPS. One was for the mayor of Rosemead. The other, was this:

So I go into the gig, sit at the piano, and there are already people sitting in this little Multi Purpose Room, waiting for something. An MC gets up and says ‘We’re going to have the Swingcats play in a second, but first let me introduce our celebrity guest. You know him from a show that had a talking car. Please welcome David Hasselhoff’. And at the back of the room, David Hasselhoff is walking up and along side him is the guy with the HOF T shirt on. Turns out that was his dad, and he lives there.

So the Hof got up there and ‘interviewed’ his dad, although it was more of a routine than a straight interview. They were hamming it up and telling zingers left and right. Then the Hof went outside to sign autographs, and we played the gig. Strange but awesome.


One Response to “David Hasselhoff”

  1. mlhughdefrance May 10, 2011 at 10:48 am #

    Awesome! I would have asked him to sign my Speedo!

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