In My Life

12 May

This song by the Beatles features one of the most awesome piano solos ever. It’s also hard to play. The reason? It was written out and played at half speed then sped up to tempo and placed in the track.

At first listening it’s also hard to tell what instrument is playing. It sounds like an electronic harpsichord or something. But when you slow it down to half speed, there’s no question that it’s a piano.

The word is that John Lennon told producer George Martin to write something ‘Baroque’ sounding for the solo. So he obliged, and came up with something that ended up being unplayable at the tempo of the song. So he recorded it an octave down at 1/2 speed, then sped it up.

Here’s the solo excerpted right from the song:

And here’s how it sounds slowed down by half. You can tell it’s a real piano:

Cool huh.


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