Car Crash! Gear Stolen From Home!

7 Jun

Friday I was driving up to Ritter Elementary School in Watts to speak at a career day. This would be my third year doing it and I always brought a keyboard and amp and played stuff for the kids who went wild. I was very much looking forward to doing it again this year.

So I’m going east on the 91, about to get on the 605 north. I look down for a second at my radio, then I look up and before I know it I’m slamming on the brakes as it’s solid red lights and stopped traffic. There’s no way I’m stopping in time and I crash into the CRV in front of me pretty good. I wasn’t texting or on my phone or anything, I just took my eyes off the road for a second. But that was enough. So we’re in the right lane and my car is smashed the hell up and I figure hers is also. Fortunately she and I are both fine, so I call the Highway Patrol and get everything handled. My wife has some ridiculous platinum AAA that allows for 200 miles of free towing, so she meets me up in Norwalk and we get it towed all the way to San Diego. Amazingly the car still starts, and I heard from the insurance today that it’s not a total loss.

Jacked Prius

So yesterday I’m sitting at home and working on things. I’m working on a tune, I’m sending E-mails. During the day in this relatively safe San Diego neighborhood (University Heights), it’s pretty sleepy around here. My wife and I live in this small home which is basically a one story home with a converted attic which serves as the master bedroom. We also have a detached garage in the back. We have a roommate, a woman our age who rents from us and comes home sometimes during the day. Around 2 I hear her come home which is unusually early, but he schedule is whacky and I think nothing of it. Around 3 I smell her making food which is also not unusual. Around 4 I go downstairs to leave and go to the gym. Of course MY car is in the shop (see above) but a friend is leaving her car with us and I have her keys, so I’m going to take her car. But where’s my wallet? I search everywhere, I can’t find it. And wait, where are my keys? Why is our basket that normally has just a bunch of magazines in it missing? I’m on the phone with my wife as this flood of realization comes over me. I was robbed in the middle of the day while I was sitting upstairs and my downstairs door was unlocked. Someone walked into my house and was rattling around and took my wallet and the key to my friends car. Oh crap! Is the car still there?! Yes, it is. Weird. But the key’s gone. Were we really ROBBED though or did I just misplace this crap (not unheard of)?

I look online and sure enough all my credit cards have random stupid charges on them. I call the bank and cancel them. So my wife gets home about 30 min after this. She parks in the garage and as she’s pulling in she calls me and says ‘why is the garage open?’ I run out there. ‘Where is your music stuff?’. I can’t believe it. My 2 Accugroove cabs, my QSC amp, my Yamaha CP33, my X stand, and my Roland KC-300 are all GONE (good riddance KC-300). Someone came into my house when I was HERE, took all the keys he could see, took my wallet, headed to the garage in back probably looking for the car (my friend’s car that was actually down the street not in the garage) and found not a car but a bunch of music equipment. So they took that.

So right now I am out a car, but it’s being fixed. But worse than that, I am down one 88 key weighted keyboard, one mixer, one KC-300, one wallet with Driver’s License, one X stand without the pin, and my wonderful Accugroove amplification rig. I still have my MOTIF XS and a handful of synths, so I can still gig, but I have no amp.

Anyway, I’m a little spooked but I’ll be okay. To be honest, this beats any kind of cancer or loss of a loved one, so I still consider myself blessed. They didn’t steal my piano after all.

5 Responses to “Car Crash! Gear Stolen From Home!”

  1. Susan July 14, 2011 at 2:53 pm #

    Shouldn’t you mention that your father-in-law’s insurance covered the bulk of the loss?

    • bobbycressey July 14, 2011 at 5:00 pm #

      I certainly would and will! When I wrote this we didn’t know that insurance would cover any of this stuff. Thank God for the insurance we thought we didn’t have.

      • Susan July 14, 2011 at 5:31 pm #

        Let’s have some gratitude for the older generation, who is coming in to rescue you! That insurance isn’t free, you know. You knew this at least two weeks ago, when I knew it.

        And let’s stop blocking responses from relatives who bring up this situation.

      • bobbycressey July 14, 2011 at 5:40 pm #

        I am incredibly grateful in so many ways and I love the older generation. Also, know that you weren’t blocked! the first time anyone comments on this blog the comments need to be approved before they post. It’s a common setting on most blogs. As soon as I saw your posts of course I approved them.

      • bobbycressey July 29, 2011 at 7:10 pm #

        Alas none of Mike’s insurance is covering any of the theft losses.

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