18 Oct

One of my favorite bands of all time that constantly boggles the mind with their ability to create amazing music is a group called Kneebody. Half of them live in L.A. and the other half live in New York.

I first met their bass player Kaveh when we needed a sub for our band ‘Full Spectrum’ back around 2003 or so. I went over to his house in Loz Feliz and took him through our tunes. He had no problem getting them under his fingers. He then performed with us a handful of times and was always super into it, passionate, and very cool and kind. Little did I know HOW MUCH OF A BAD ASS he really was. I don’t know how I heard about his band ‘Kneebody’, but I did, and I went to check them out with a couple friends at the Temple Bar. It was one of those shows that utterly blows you away. I’ve only had a couple of those in my life and that was definitely one of them.

Anyway, they came through and played at the Blue Whale in downtown L.A. this weekend. I went to check it out and had another one of those ‘whoa’ moments. I talked to their keyboard player, Adam Benjamin, and it turns out he’s a huge baseball fan. So we geeked out on the imminent World Series, and of course on the Padres organ gig.

Check out the video I took of them from the front row:


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