2012 Is Here, 2011 Is PAST. Quick Look Back

2 Jan

2011 is officially in the past, and 2012 is here. I feel nothing but positive things about the future and the coming year and can’t imagine what it must be to look on the future with anything other than excitement.

Before kicking off 2012, it’s worthwhile to take a glance back. 2011 was an incredible year.

-I played the NHL winter classic with Skeetox in Pittsburgh to ring in the New Year. We opened for Styx.

-I reprised my role playing organ for the San Diego Padres, and increased the number of games I played.

-I was part of the music video ‘Purp and Yellow’ featuring Snoop Dogg and Game that was voted #1 video on MTV.com.

-I performed on the George Lopez Show with the Skeetox band and Game.

-I Got Married!.

-I went on a tour of Mexico with the Glen Miller Big Band

-I had music placed on several Cable and Broadcast Networks as well as on broadcast radio.

-I began writing with the Skeetox crew creating the brand new Build Destroy catalog.

-I made great relationships with several high quality bands in San Diego and performed in a lot of cool SD venues.

So what does 2012 promise? Are there more opportunities on the horizon? Will this personal and professional growth continue?

ABSOLUTELY. See you soon.

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