What Crowds Want

7 Jan

Just finished a gig with a San Diego band called ‘The Mighty Untouchables’. They are a corporate style band that plays covers and top 40 stuff, has a high energy vibe, and packs the dance floor. We were playing at a place called Club M in Del Mar.

I had a realization tonight. And it’s not something I didn’t know or haven’t experienced before. But I was reminded of it as it came back into focus really clearly at the end of the night during our huge finale songs. The following information shouldn’t be a surprise, but it’s so easy to forget as you get caught up in the minutia of crafting your beautiful art. This is that information:

The audience doesn’t really care about your bop licks. The audience doesn’t care about your sick chord substitutions, or your playing outside the chord changes. Nope. Unless the audience is a bunch of jazz heads, that stuff won’t make them go crazy. What makes the audience go crazy is when you play the keyboard like a rockstar and make grimaces and pretend like your blowing your own mind with what you are doing and that therefore their minds should also be blown. When you play a zillion notes in succession, pound the keys fist over fist, gliss up to a high note and open your mouth like that note is just amazing, and quote ‘San Diego Super Chargers’. Do that, and the people will come up to you after and say ‘That was amazing, how long have you been playing piano?’. They will remember the keyboard play was FABULOUS and AMAZING. And they’ll dig the show. And in a band like this, that’s the name of the game.


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