Misc Happenings

19 Apr

So today is full of interesting happenings:

-at 9:50 AM, 10 minutes before a lesson I was scheduled to teach, I heard the doorbell. At first I bristled as I thought it was my student 10 minutes early. I don’t like it when people are 10 minutes early. But to my delight, it was my mailman, who had not 1 but 2 awesome packages for me.

On the left is the long awaited NEO VENTILATOR that I’ve been waiting 3 weeks for. It had shipped right from the maker in Germany. This sweet little piece of gear simulates a Leslie speaker which basically makes organs sound much much cooler. I used a friend’s unit at the Padres game last week and the organ sounded righteous. Now I have my very own so from now on, organs will always sound righteous.

On the right is THIRTY TWO GB OF RAM that I ordered earlier this week. I have been limping along on a mere 6 GB (joke. 6GB is nothing to sneeze at, but for heavy workstation use, it’s not beastly enough.). So now I have installed it and I should be blazing along. Very psyched about this.

-A bar in the closet I keep a bunch of music/gigging clothes in broke 2 weeks ago. Time to finally clean up the mess. That’s what I’m doing right now (after I’m done typing this it will be anyway).

-And I had a giant delicious salad for lunch.

-And lastly I’m finishing up an Electro remix for an artist up in L.A.. I’m stoked on it and it’s pretty banging. The new RAM will help with this too. I’ll let you hear it when it’s allowed.

-Tonight I’m headed to my mom’s where I’ll watch the DVRed footage of my game last week, and get some practice in for my game next Wednesday. Word.

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