I am ready for a new Jersey…..

30 Apr

I will humor you with an abbreviated account of this jersey.

It starts with the very first Throwback Thursday game I played on April 15, 2010. I was sitting in the Press Dining Area when I saw Padres Announcer Frank Anthony stroll by. He was wearing a 70’s era Throwback Jersey with his last name, “ANTHONY” emblazoned on the back. I thought it was super cool and I had a vision of one day having one of those myself.

But custom jerseys are an expensive item, and for a season of 6 games in 2010 followed by a season of 7 games in 2011, I didn’t think I could justify it. Furthermore, I wasn’t sure WHICH jersey I wanted, nor had I done research on all the ways you could procure such a thing. When the 2012 season came knocking, and the Padres told me they wanted me for every Wednesday home game, I thought the time was right to pull the trigger on one of these. So which jersey did I want? At first I thought I wanted a PCL jersey, which I had worn at a game in June 2011. This was the Padres jersey of the 30’s, and is white with black pinstripes. A company in Seattle called Ebbets still makes a sweet replica of the 1937 . But it wouldn’t have my name on it, as those jerseys didn’t have names on them, just numbers. So I tabled that idea and thought about the jerseys of the modern Padres (post 1969). And I came to the conclusion that my favorite jerseys of the modern era are those of the late 80’s and those of the ’90s. These were my formative Padres years and when I think about the games I went to as a kid, these are the jerseys that I saw and associate the club with.

Of the two, my favorite is the late 80’s era brown and orange. Here is a picture of Tony Gywnn sporting this bad boy:

The problem with this jersey is that it CANNOT BE FOUND ANYWHERE. Certainly not through MLB’s official channels, and not through any of the other companies that sell stockpiles of such jerseys. But my second favorite, the jerseys that the team sported from 1991 to 2001, was available from a company on E-bay that would also customize it. They had great feedback too, so I went ahead and ordered the jersey on March 31st. On April 27th, it finally came via UPS. Nothing beats the anticipation of waiting for something like this to show up at your door.

The # 21 stands for August 21st, my birthday. It was also Ken Caminiti’s # during the 1998 World Series run, when the team would have worn this jersey.

Now I need to get the hat and I will be ready to ROCK this on Wednesday’s game vs. the Brewers. I just hope I don’t do something lame like get food on it. If I do, my next post might be about a drycleaning odyssey.

P.S. To check out the aforementioned song ‘NEW JERSEY’ by my friend Jane Lui, (I play in her band sometimes) Click Here!

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