Private Parties

Over the years I have performed at hundreds of private parties for hundreds of different occasions. I have played for a small family celebrating a father’s 40th birthday, a huge extended family celebrating a grandmothers 100th birthday, an architect celebrating with his best clients, the celebration of a boy’s Bar Mitzvah, the celebration of a deceased mother’s would-be 80th birthday, a high end fundraising fashion show as well as more weddings, funerals, anniversaries and Christmas parties than I can count. People find all kinds of reasons to get together and celebrate, and when they hire a pianist to play for their occasion it provides a note of elegance, class and a festive atmosphere.

I have no problem being as big or as small a part of the party as is required. I have played for hours and had minimal interaction with any guests, and I have played parties where by the end of the third hour people are crammed onto the bench with me and all around the piano singing jazz standards and Christmas songs! Whatever the tone of your party is, I will match it and enhance it and make your guests smile.

Band size is scalable to your occasion and budget:

-1 musician: Solo piano
-2 musicians: Duos of piano and bass or piano and saxophone
-3 musicians: A classic trio of Piano bass and drums, or add a horn with piano, bass and saxophone
-4 musicians: Standard Jazz quartet of sax, piano, bass drums
-5 musicians: Standard Jazz quintet of Trumpet, sax, piano bass and drums

Whatever your budget or occasion, live music will enhance the atmosphere in a way that CDs or an iPod can’t. And I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with my professionalism, friendliness, and performance.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. If you’d like references from clients, I’ll be happy to furnish them on request, and you can hear first hand what people have to say.

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