I have fully produced hundreds of tracks for commercial use. I have worked on even more as a coproducer, and as a studio musician I have tracked keys on more still.

Some of the gear I use in my studio

My studio runs Logic Pro 9 on a 2010 8-core Mac Pro and utilizes Apogee converters. I have a Hammond A-100 that I use for tracking as well as a number of keyboards, synthesizers and guitars and a full Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Kit. I write, produce and record in a large variety of genres including electro, dubstep, jazz, smooth jazz, hip hop, reggae, ska, classical, rnb, gospel, singer songwriter, and blues. The crown jewel of my studio is the 6’8″ Kawai grand that I use for tracking piano. This piano is perfect for recording and works well in multiple genres.

My 6'8" Kawai Grand

Listen to some recorded examples of this piano:




I compose for several quality music catalogs. Most recently I have been composing high quality hip hop, dubstep and electro influenced pieces for the new BUILD DESTROY music catalog based at

I also administer my own library of music called POLYCORE MUSIC which features music by me and some choice composer associates. Polycore tracks can be heard all over the television airwaves on a number of different networks including CBS, MTV, Oxygen, Bravo, and E! just to name a few. For our latest placements check out the updates in the sidebar to the right of this page.

For more information about the Polycore music library, go to the Polycore website:::