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Dew Tour

20 Aug

Last month I had the privilege of creating some music for The Dew Tour along with some of my fellow Build Destroy Music artists like Ian Osborne and THX. The Dew Tour is an extreme sports competition taking place in three locations and airing on NBC/NBC Sports. Dru and I got to contribute as the Smashtronauts and worked with Bucky Lasek to get input on the types of music skaters like to ride to.

The Dew Tour is airing on NBC over the next couple of months. Check out this link to see some of the videos featuring music that we scored. Ian Osborne scored the main title and he did a sweet job.

Check out some of the videos talking about the music used here.

And here is the video of Dru and I producing with Bucky Lasek:


Skeetox 10 or 11

1 Jun

Last night we played another Skeetox event on the Sunset Strip. This was for the AT&T Daybreak web series.

It was a crazy rush getting everything together for it, but as usual it went off without a hitch. Here are a couple pics I stole from people’s Twitters:

Right half of the stage as Kid Ink performed

Me and Skee on the left half of the stage

First Game of 2012

16 Apr

Last Wednesday was the first game of 2012 with me playing the organ. It was a blast.

Several things made last Wednesday’s game an awesome one.

-I put in tons of work over the off season to have more material than ever prepared. This includes new tunes, new medleys, and new charges clap tracks.

-Because of the threat of rain, I was in a booth instead of outside. I love being outside with the fans, so this was more ‘different’ that ‘good’. But the cool thing about being in a booth was no wind blowing my music all over, and an unobstructed view of the game. Look at this view from the booth, and SD looking all gorgeous.






-Also, I had easy access to hot dogs in the middle of the game. Noice.



– We had a visitor from Japan who took my pic and tweeted it to a bunch of Japanese Fans. Check it out!


And in case you’re wondering what he’s talking about, here is the Google Translation:



Alrighty. I think he was talking about his team back at home, the Orix Buffaloes. They’re a team from Osaka (or at least near Osaka).

-I figured out a way to make the organ sound even sweeter than it already does. I’m using this cool piece of technology called a NEO VENTILATOR. It takes a raw organ signal and processes it through a rotary speaker simulation. The result is we don’t have to mic up the organ like we’d been doing. This gives us a cleaner and stronger signal. And it sounded sweet.

What else was cool about Wednesday? Oh yeah,




Which is no small feat, considering that so far we have only won 2 games out of the 10 we’ve played. In fact my stats for winning games are pretty good. I’ll post about them soon.


What else……Played some ‘Weezer’ for a fan who wasn’t at the game when I played it, played some ‘Los Tigres Del Norte’, played some ‘Beatles’, played some jazz.

Met some cool people, including Corey Brock (beat writer for the Padres), had a passing conversation with Dick Enberg, and met Steve Adler of the Friarhood after the game. Cool.


Looking forward to April 25th. Hoping we get some wins before then.




11 Jan

My friend/homie/partner in crime, Dru Decaro and I have been collaborators in many senses of the word. In 2008 we spearheaded a pro jam session at ‘The Viper Room’ and later ‘The House Of Blues’ every Sunday night. We had a band of sick nasty killers and we shed our asses off every week to devise crafty new setlists of timeless RnB and modern top 40. The House Band smoked, but what was so great about this night was that we had seasoned vets swinging through and sitting in like Bobby Brown and Tony Royster Jr.. Later on Dru and I helped build the Skeetox band with Dj Skee and Ryan Tomlinson. That band has been chronicled well in this blog, so I won’t retread it all here.

But lately we have been collaborating in a different sense: as producers. We have branded ourselves ‘The Smashtronauts’ as a production team. Soon, everybody will want to mess with the Smashtronauts.

Here is one of our first fruits, a song called ‘Future’ that we wrote and produced:

Expect to hear a lot more from the Smashtronauts soon.

Nice Video Of the Piano Miced Up

9 Dec

Frustration Nation, A Hard Knock Life, Stop Complaining

21 Oct

Nobody wants to read about somebody else’s problems. I know I don’t. I have plenty of my own, just look below. If you don’t want to read griping, then don’t read this particular blog post.

It seems like every way I attempt to mold my own destiny down here I am getting shut down or pushed back.

Now in many ways I’ve had a great year. Just look back over the blog posts from the past year and you’ll see all the incredible things I’ve been able to do and situations I’ve found myself in. I’ve played behind superstars, performed in front of 42,000 people for a Major League Baseball team, heard my music on television on a very popular cable T.V. show. And yet, to be frank, I’m not making enough $$$ and this glamorous lifestyle isn’t at all sustainable. YET. And yet sometimes it’s tantalizingly close. It’s like I’m trying tenaciously to start a fire but nothing is catching, the wood isn’t burning yet, only little bits of newspaper that keep blowing out.

So I’ve looked for work, tried to solicit and build a student base, and tried to create positions for myself. And it’s gotten me nowhere.

Maybe I’m not trying hard enough. Maybe I should solicit students much HARDER. I do have a Website, a YELP and I post on Craigslist for students all the time, but it hasn’t netted me a super significant amount of students. (The ones I have are pretty awesome though).

I was hoping and praying that the Padres gig would lead to something more than 6 games for 2011. But to quote a young executive I had a nice exchange with after a Skeetox gig at the Roxy, hope is not a strategy. So I called into the local radio station as Bobby the organ player and talked sports every once in awhile. I drafted a proposal for an educational outreach for the off season that would use me, the organ player. I told them I’d love to play more games. And they told me thanks, but the gig will pretty much be the same next year as it was this year.

So what should I do? Maybe God doesn’t want me doing this whole creative thing because it makes me a nasty person. Maybe he wants it on the side for me, but doesn’t want it as the center of my $ picture because it makes me too inward.

There’s always The EIT exam……

Potentially Nerve Wracking

1 Sep

Does this look nerve wracking to you?

I should be nervous right?

In other words,


To be honest, it’s not THAT scary. I’ve done things that have made me much more nervous in my life before. How do I reassure myself that I can do this and it’s no big deal? I cheat. Even though I have the anthem memorized, I read a lead sheet of it when I play it at the ball game. Why? Because that would be a really bad time for the power to go out in my brain.

So far, of the 4 out of 5 total times I’ll play that this year in that situation, it’s always gone well. Sometimes I totally crush it, and sometimes I just do okay. But I’ve had nothing resembling a near train wreck by any stretch. It’s nice to know that you can do something like this in a sticky situation with cameras in your face and a Friar breathing down your neck and keep your cool and have fun doing it!

One more Throwback Thursday left, September 30th.


8 Jul

It already seems like it was a very long time ago. It’s really only been a week. But did that really happen?

Cool pic:

Cool pic #2:

Lil’ John:

Bobby Brackins and Ray J. Check me forcing the lick for the new song in the new tempo. I think I started it too fast. “I’m just lookin’ for some luv in the club!”


23 Nov

Computers are expensive.

Can't live without it

But in order to run lots of tracks and plug ins, you need one with serious processing and RAM capabilities. If you’re running Logic, that has to be the mac pro (above). It’s the only way to go. It costs $3,000 though. Three grr!

All the music I’ve made up to this point has been on my Macbook, which was lovingly given to me as a starter computer for pursing music on the computer, and this little workhorse has earned its keep.


This computer is about 2 and 1/2 years old, which may seem young. But this isn’t an apples to apples comparison. Even a brand new macbook isn’t equipped to handle heavy audio production. Dual Core processing with 2GB of RAM just isn’t enough if you want to go deeper. I have scraped by with workarounds and eschewing heavily sample laden stuff until now, but if I want to start doing a little bit of scoring, then I’m going to have to take the plunge. It should be a glorious, liberating plunge. But I don’t want to go in the hole for $4,000, so I have to find the money somehow. And I’m moving into uncertain circumstances in San Diego in the near future. $4,000, I thought you said $3,000? Well I need a better sample library as well, and probably a UAD card also.

People that I talk to doing what I do scratch their heads in amazement over the fact that I’m doing all of my work on an old Macbook. It’s been great. but I may have to pull the trigger very soon on something mightier. Especially if a promising lead with an old friend with great industry connections pans out…