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Another Dream

23 Nov

I had a dream Saturday night.

I was at some music festival backstage. I don’t know if I was playing or just backstage because I am always in bands and could go backstage. Anyway, I’m behind the stage and come across some band, a combination of MGMT and Phoenix. They are kind of in a social huddle. I try and start up some conversation with them, and one of them gives me an extremely condescending little fist bump and tells me they are busy getting ready for the show.

So I wander around after this obnoxious gesture and end up in some kind of ball room, kind of like the Beverly Wilshire where I played not long ago. On stage are Ron Carter, Herbie Hancock, and a couple of other musicians. They begin or were already in the middle of playing this incredible music. Of course they are playing incredible music, that’s what those musicians play. It was so good I started crying, I couldn’t help myself.

Interesting dream.

I told my friend and fellow Skeetox bass player Carter Wallace about the dream on Sunday night. I will always love Carter because just as he knows how to hang with a hip hop crowd and play in that idiom, he is a sensitive aesthete who loves the art of anything for arts sake, and will go as far down any rabbit hole as he wants to without giving a damn what anyone else thinks. He smiled at the dream and said, “You don’t need a shaman to interpret what that dream meant”. True enough.

Herbie Hancock


Long SKEETOX Rehearsal Last Night, More Tonight

28 Jun

Last night we rehearsed HARD for Skeetox. It was almost laughably hard that we rehearsed. It was like studying for finals after a quarter of not trying that hard. We hit at 8 and left around 1, and there wasn’t much time for goofing off in between.

But this group is sounding sick. We have ludicrous transitions from song to unexpected song, and all kinds of filthy mashups on the agenda.

Rhianna and Chaka Khan?

Eminem and The Police?

No that's not me behind the keys, that Cash. My rig is to the right

Ryan, Dru, Carter's Back