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Video of me playing ‘Georgia’ solo piano

13 Nov

This video is dirty and loose but I’m still mostly satisfied with it. I secretly took it at my gig last Friday at the Beverly Wilshire. When you play solo piano on a ‘wallpaper’ gig like this, it’s not uncommon to play a song for a long time so you can milk it (and thus pass the time). Hence the somewhat repetitive 8 minute version. I also took some crazy liberties and chances with it. Why not? Nobody’s listening that closely anyway (except the waiter who stopped me to ask what song I was playing).


Nice Video Of the Piano Miced Up

9 Dec

Bonus on a bonus

12 Jul

Yesterday I played a 4 hour solo jazz piano gig. These gigs are pretty easy as it’s all you, and although sometimes the load in is lame, it wasn’t too bad yesterday. Furthermore, the people were very nice indeed. And it was a woman’s 100th birthday celebration, which was a very positive and life filled experience. This woman was born when William Howard Taft was president. I also got a free lunch out of it which was, of course, awesome.

Lunch in a little private neuk as the slideshow happens in the other room

But more awesome than all of that, was that I got this call later that night:

Today was a good day!