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Happy New Year 2013

2 Jan

So much to look forward to in 2013. I have a new website in the works as well as lots of rad, exciting things happening musically.

Looking forward to doing some great work this year. It’s going to be a year of progress and a great year of change, that much is already certain. In fact it’s already started.

Happy New Year!

Palms To Pines


New Year’s Eve

2 Jan

I played a New Years Eve gig different from the one I was hoping to have, but at least it was a New Years gig.

In fact it was a pretty cool one, with a band that hadn’t played together before really. This singer from San Diego who does smooth jazz and RnB covers landed this New Years gig at a place called “The Winery” in Tustin. There are obviously no wineries in Tustin, just some upscale restaurant by that name in ‘The District’, next to a Best Buy, Whole Foods, In N Out and an AMC 12,305.

I had only been in touch with the singer on the phone, and I picked up the CD of her original tunes from her mailbox down in San Diego 2 days before Christmas, so I hadn’t met her face to face until I showed up at sound check. Her songs were straightforward but there were charts for only 1/4 of them, so I had a lot of shedding to do.

Unfortunately, I was also moving out this week, and celebrating Christmas and hanging with my family and my girlfriend, so shedding time was at a minimum. I really didn’t even have space or the equipment to rehearse! But I did, all day New Years Eve, and so by the time the gig rolled around, I had some semblance of familiarity with most of the material.

But when downbeat came, the bass player was nowhere to be found. he was way lost. We had all gotten lost on the way to soundcheck, but figured it out and showed up late. Well this guy didn’t come to soundcheck, so his lateness was lateness into the gig time. That meant that I was pretty much going to be playing bass with my left hand, and regular keyboards with my right. It also meant that I’d better know the material pretty damn well.

Well, the bass player finally DID show up, 5 tunes in. He came in, heard how good we were sounding and said to me something to the effect of, “Y’all sound good, you don’t need a bass player!” which was a compliment towards the way I was filling out the sound without a bass player.

That was a cool thing to say, as this bass player wasn’t just any bass player. His name was James East, brother of NATHAN EAST. (bass player for Eric Clapton, Fourplay, etc.), and he played like the bother of Nathan East.

So the night went well and I met some good San Diego contacts to boot. But of course the next day I was up at 8:00 AM with an harrowing day of cleaning the Lomita house and finishing moving, so I didn’t really have time to think much about it until now!

Now it’s 11:38 and I’m down in San Diego at Debbie’s and I am exhausted and going to bed. Night.


29 Dec

No time to think about music right now, too busy moving! Gotta be out by Jan 1, and I have a New Year’s gig that I need to learn some stuff for!? When to do it? Where to do it? Tonight maybe? Eh, I’m not that worried. I’m more worried about finding a home for all my stuff and figuring out modes of transportation.