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Another Awesome Video

28 Sep

This time by my friends at Gaslampball. This video talks about me wearing the Sisterhood of the Travelling Jersey at my final homegame of the 2012 season.


Interviews and the like….

4 May

I was interviewed by the Fox Sports San Diego people at the ball game on Wednesday. It was an unexpected encounter! They simply showed up while I was getting the organ set up, and said they had two different shows they wanted to interview me for. Thankfully I was clean shaven and am always ready to talk. They asked me some questions before the game, then filmed me during the game as I played for foul balls and reacted verbally to what was happening in the game. I made some jokes and offered some of my own color commentary. I think it went well, but we’ll find out in the next couple weeks.

The first show I’m going to be on is called ‘The Padres Weekly’ and airs before the pregame show this Monday 5/7/12. I think that means it airs at 4:30 PM Pacific Standard Time. I don’t know if he’s got 2 minutes on me or if he has 10.

The second show is called ‘Padres Point Of View’ and is a bit edgier. I don’t know when that’s going to air except that I’ve been told it will be in the next couple weeks.

I am ready for a new Jersey…..

30 Apr

I will humor you with an abbreviated account of this jersey.

It starts with the very first Throwback Thursday game I played on April 15, 2010. I was sitting in the Press Dining Area when I saw Padres Announcer Frank Anthony stroll by. He was wearing a 70’s era Throwback Jersey with his last name, “ANTHONY” emblazoned on the back. I thought it was super cool and I had a vision of one day having one of those myself.

But custom jerseys are an expensive item, and for a season of 6 games in 2010 followed by a season of 7 games in 2011, I didn’t think I could justify it. Furthermore, I wasn’t sure WHICH jersey I wanted, nor had I done research on all the ways you could procure such a thing. When the 2012 season came knocking, and the Padres told me they wanted me for every Wednesday home game, I thought the time was right to pull the trigger on one of these. So which jersey did I want? At first I thought I wanted a PCL jersey, which I had worn at a game in June 2011. This was the Padres jersey of the 30’s, and is white with black pinstripes. A company in Seattle called Ebbets still makes a sweet replica of the 1937 . But it wouldn’t have my name on it, as those jerseys didn’t have names on them, just numbers. So I tabled that idea and thought about the jerseys of the modern Padres (post 1969). And I came to the conclusion that my favorite jerseys of the modern era are those of the late 80’s and those of the ’90s. These were my formative Padres years and when I think about the games I went to as a kid, these are the jerseys that I saw and associate the club with.

Of the two, my favorite is the late 80’s era brown and orange. Here is a picture of Tony Gywnn sporting this bad boy:

The problem with this jersey is that it CANNOT BE FOUND ANYWHERE. Certainly not through MLB’s official channels, and not through any of the other companies that sell stockpiles of such jerseys. But my second favorite, the jerseys that the team sported from 1991 to 2001, was available from a company on E-bay that would also customize it. They had great feedback too, so I went ahead and ordered the jersey on March 31st. On April 27th, it finally came via UPS. Nothing beats the anticipation of waiting for something like this to show up at your door.

The # 21 stands for August 21st, my birthday. It was also Ken Caminiti’s # during the 1998 World Series run, when the team would have worn this jersey.

Now I need to get the hat and I will be ready to ROCK this on Wednesday’s game vs. the Brewers. I just hope I don’t do something lame like get food on it. If I do, my next post might be about a drycleaning odyssey.

P.S. To check out the aforementioned song ‘NEW JERSEY’ by my friend Jane Lui, (I play in her band sometimes) Click Here!

Misc Happenings

19 Apr

So today is full of interesting happenings:

-at 9:50 AM, 10 minutes before a lesson I was scheduled to teach, I heard the doorbell. At first I bristled as I thought it was my student 10 minutes early. I don’t like it when people are 10 minutes early. But to my delight, it was my mailman, who had not 1 but 2 awesome packages for me.

On the left is the long awaited NEO VENTILATOR that I’ve been waiting 3 weeks for. It had shipped right from the maker in Germany. This sweet little piece of gear simulates a Leslie speaker which basically makes organs sound much much cooler. I used a friend’s unit at the Padres game last week and the organ sounded righteous. Now I have my very own so from now on, organs will always sound righteous.

On the right is THIRTY TWO GB OF RAM that I ordered earlier this week. I have been limping along on a mere 6 GB (joke. 6GB is nothing to sneeze at, but for heavy workstation use, it’s not beastly enough.). So now I have installed it and I should be blazing along. Very psyched about this.

-A bar in the closet I keep a bunch of music/gigging clothes in broke 2 weeks ago. Time to finally clean up the mess. That’s what I’m doing right now (after I’m done typing this it will be anyway).

-And I had a giant delicious salad for lunch.

-And lastly I’m finishing up an Electro remix for an artist up in L.A.. I’m stoked on it and it’s pretty banging. The new RAM will help with this too. I’ll let you hear it when it’s allowed.

-Tonight I’m headed to my mom’s where I’ll watch the DVRed footage of my game last week, and get some practice in for my game next Wednesday. Word.

First Game of 2012

16 Apr

Last Wednesday was the first game of 2012 with me playing the organ. It was a blast.

Several things made last Wednesday’s game an awesome one.

-I put in tons of work over the off season to have more material than ever prepared. This includes new tunes, new medleys, and new charges clap tracks.

-Because of the threat of rain, I was in a booth instead of outside. I love being outside with the fans, so this was more ‘different’ that ‘good’. But the cool thing about being in a booth was no wind blowing my music all over, and an unobstructed view of the game. Look at this view from the booth, and SD looking all gorgeous.






-Also, I had easy access to hot dogs in the middle of the game. Noice.



– We had a visitor from Japan who took my pic and tweeted it to a bunch of Japanese Fans. Check it out!


And in case you’re wondering what he’s talking about, here is the Google Translation:



Alrighty. I think he was talking about his team back at home, the Orix Buffaloes. They’re a team from Osaka (or at least near Osaka).

-I figured out a way to make the organ sound even sweeter than it already does. I’m using this cool piece of technology called a NEO VENTILATOR. It takes a raw organ signal and processes it through a rotary speaker simulation. The result is we don’t have to mic up the organ like we’d been doing. This gives us a cleaner and stronger signal. And it sounded sweet.

What else was cool about Wednesday? Oh yeah,




Which is no small feat, considering that so far we have only won 2 games out of the 10 we’ve played. In fact my stats for winning games are pretty good. I’ll post about them soon.


What else……Played some ‘Weezer’ for a fan who wasn’t at the game when I played it, played some ‘Los Tigres Del Norte’, played some ‘Beatles’, played some jazz.

Met some cool people, including Corey Brock (beat writer for the Padres), had a passing conversation with Dick Enberg, and met Steve Adler of the Friarhood after the game. Cool.


Looking forward to April 25th. Hoping we get some wins before then.



Video of me Playing some Blues organ

28 Mar


I was practicing organ for the baseball gig the other day, and then I started shedding some jazz blues. Jazz organ badassery isn’t something I’ve studied extensively so I was surprised that I was able to hold it down like this. I stretched out quite a bit and took a lot of chances so there’s some sloppiness and timing problems. But I was digging the way my Hammond A-100 was sounding.


Selections from Today’s Padre’s Organ Practice Session

22 Mar

Some but not all of the things I worked on today. Those are a lot of my own transcriptions. The season’s almost here. Next week I’ll get in at PETCO and practice on the actual organ I use for the gigs, a Yamaha Electone D-80

Fired up

11 Mar

For Baseball Season to start. I have been listening to Spring Training and I’m excited about this year. I wish I had cable / satellite so I could watch the games on the new regional Fox Sports San Diego. Alas. But I guess I can DVR them at my mom’s place.

I’ve been working on my organ material and have a lot of cool new stuff planned for the season. I have a list of what I have planned and a running list of requests right here. You can also tweet game day requests to me on my Twitter

I Was Just on TV

27 Feb

Up in L.A., on KTLA 5 for a segment about technology. It was an interview with DJ Skee and has some shots of me in the studio tracking with Yoni last week. Naturally, I’m repping the Padres. I’ll post the video if they put it up later. In the meantime here’s a screenshot.

Time to Start Thinking about the 2012 Padres Season

28 Jan

Time to start thinking about the 2012 season playing the organ for the Padres. I am brainstorming cool medleys / tunes to work up.

So far I am thinking:

-Video Game Medley
-80s Medley
-Michael Jackson Medley
-Possible Chin Rock Medley
-Epic Hero Medley (Indiana Jones / Superman)

Any suggestions?

On the recommendation of the Friarhood, I’m going to make a page for organ recommendations/updated suggestions. Check out the Padres Organ Tab at the top.