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Another Awesome Video

28 Sep

This time by my friends at Gaslampball. This video talks about me wearing the Sisterhood of the Travelling Jersey at my final homegame of the 2012 season.


Interviews and the like….

4 May

I was interviewed by the Fox Sports San Diego people at the ball game on Wednesday. It was an unexpected encounter! They simply showed up while I was getting the organ set up, and said they had two different shows they wanted to interview me for. Thankfully I was clean shaven and am always ready to talk. They asked me some questions before the game, then filmed me during the game as I played for foul balls and reacted verbally to what was happening in the game. I made some jokes and offered some of my own color commentary. I think it went well, but we’ll find out in the next couple weeks.

The first show I’m going to be on is called ‘The Padres Weekly’ and airs before the pregame show this Monday 5/7/12. I think that means it airs at 4:30 PM Pacific Standard Time. I don’t know if he’s got 2 minutes on me or if he has 10.

The second show is called ‘Padres Point Of View’ and is a bit edgier. I don’t know when that’s going to air except that I’ve been told it will be in the next couple weeks.

Misc Happenings

19 Apr

So today is full of interesting happenings:

-at 9:50 AM, 10 minutes before a lesson I was scheduled to teach, I heard the doorbell. At first I bristled as I thought it was my student 10 minutes early. I don’t like it when people are 10 minutes early. But to my delight, it was my mailman, who had not 1 but 2 awesome packages for me.

On the left is the long awaited NEO VENTILATOR that I’ve been waiting 3 weeks for. It had shipped right from the maker in Germany. This sweet little piece of gear simulates a Leslie speaker which basically makes organs sound much much cooler. I used a friend’s unit at the Padres game last week and the organ sounded righteous. Now I have my very own so from now on, organs will always sound righteous.

On the right is THIRTY TWO GB OF RAM that I ordered earlier this week. I have been limping along on a mere 6 GB (joke. 6GB is nothing to sneeze at, but for heavy workstation use, it’s not beastly enough.). So now I have installed it and I should be blazing along. Very psyched about this.

-A bar in the closet I keep a bunch of music/gigging clothes in broke 2 weeks ago. Time to finally clean up the mess. That’s what I’m doing right now (after I’m done typing this it will be anyway).

-And I had a giant delicious salad for lunch.

-And lastly I’m finishing up an Electro remix for an artist up in L.A.. I’m stoked on it and it’s pretty banging. The new RAM will help with this too. I’ll let you hear it when it’s allowed.

-Tonight I’m headed to my mom’s where I’ll watch the DVRed footage of my game last week, and get some practice in for my game next Wednesday. Word.

Selections from Today’s Padre’s Organ Practice Session

22 Mar

Some but not all of the things I worked on today. Those are a lot of my own transcriptions. The season’s almost here. Next week I’ll get in at PETCO and practice on the actual organ I use for the gigs, a Yamaha Electone D-80

Fired up

11 Mar

For Baseball Season to start. I have been listening to Spring Training and I’m excited about this year. I wish I had cable / satellite so I could watch the games on the new regional Fox Sports San Diego. Alas. But I guess I can DVR them at my mom’s place.

I’ve been working on my organ material and have a lot of cool new stuff planned for the season. I have a list of what I have planned and a running list of requests right here. You can also tweet game day requests to me on my Twitter

Time to Start Thinking about the 2012 Padres Season

28 Jan

Time to start thinking about the 2012 season playing the organ for the Padres. I am brainstorming cool medleys / tunes to work up.

So far I am thinking:

-Video Game Medley
-80s Medley
-Michael Jackson Medley
-Possible Chin Rock Medley
-Epic Hero Medley (Indiana Jones / Superman)

Any suggestions?

On the recommendation of the Friarhood, I’m going to make a page for organ recommendations/updated suggestions. Check out the Padres Organ Tab at the top.

Catching Up and Settling In

7 Apr

April is here, and so many things have transpired. I am entering a great season of life with both my marriage and my professional work.

In the interest of extreme brevity, here is a timeline of significant events:

-March 4 – Had an awesome bachelor party with some of the most important guys in my life. I wish MORE could have been there but we had an awesome group.
-March 5 – Subbed at a killer killer church in Rancho Bernardo. The dude who normally holds down the keys chair is one of S.D.’s baddest players. I do my best and it goes well.
-March 7 – Music on T.V. with a new show called ‘All About Aubrey’ on Oxygen. I have 7 placements on the show, and it airs 10 times that week.
-March 14 – Episode 2 of ‘All About Aubrey’ has a ton more of my music. It airs a ton that week too, and they reair it on Bravo and E.
-March 18 – I had an incredible rehearsal dinner with extended family and close friends out at Tree Of Life Nursery
-March 19 – I got married in San Clemente. This is said to be the most important day of one’s life. That makes sense to me. It was definitely one of the most fun days of my life.
-March 20 – I left for Malta with my new wife Debbie. I got my first royalty check on the 21st of March.
-March 21 – I received my first ASCAP royalty statement for Publishing royalties from July August and September of last year (2010). That was the time my first cues hit the air on MTV.
-March 30 – We landed back in the United States after an incredible honeymoon.
-April 2nd – Big gig with Partyquake at a corporate event in S.D. Unfathomably I get my wires crossed and show up LATE to rehearsal. All forgiven though, and gig goes great.
-April 4th – More music on T.V., Rob’s Fantasy Factory Season 4
-April 6th – I get an E-mail out of the blue from the Padres with a handful of dates that they are thinking of using organ at the ballpark.
-April 7th – TODAY. Going down to Petco Park to take a picture for a credential, writing some busier bigger cues for RFF season 4 as requested.
-April 10 – Huge Party and jam session reception for our wedding at the Embarcadero North in downtown San Diego.
-April 11 – Will get my second ASCAP royalty statement, this one for Writing royalties for the same period as the publishing 2 weeks ago. It’ll be at least as much as the other, but might have more.
-April 13 – First Padre game of the 2011 season.

That brings us up to speed pretty quickly I’d say. I might touch on this or that from the above events, but at least the skeleton of a timeline is up and this blog is now officially caught up!

Frustration Nation, A Hard Knock Life, Stop Complaining

21 Oct

Nobody wants to read about somebody else’s problems. I know I don’t. I have plenty of my own, just look below. If you don’t want to read griping, then don’t read this particular blog post.

It seems like every way I attempt to mold my own destiny down here I am getting shut down or pushed back.

Now in many ways I’ve had a great year. Just look back over the blog posts from the past year and you’ll see all the incredible things I’ve been able to do and situations I’ve found myself in. I’ve played behind superstars, performed in front of 42,000 people for a Major League Baseball team, heard my music on television on a very popular cable T.V. show. And yet, to be frank, I’m not making enough $$$ and this glamorous lifestyle isn’t at all sustainable. YET. And yet sometimes it’s tantalizingly close. It’s like I’m trying tenaciously to start a fire but nothing is catching, the wood isn’t burning yet, only little bits of newspaper that keep blowing out.

So I’ve looked for work, tried to solicit and build a student base, and tried to create positions for myself. And it’s gotten me nowhere.

Maybe I’m not trying hard enough. Maybe I should solicit students much HARDER. I do have a Website, a YELP and I post on Craigslist for students all the time, but it hasn’t netted me a super significant amount of students. (The ones I have are pretty awesome though).

I was hoping and praying that the Padres gig would lead to something more than 6 games for 2011. But to quote a young executive I had a nice exchange with after a Skeetox gig at the Roxy, hope is not a strategy. So I called into the local radio station as Bobby the organ player and talked sports every once in awhile. I drafted a proposal for an educational outreach for the off season that would use me, the organ player. I told them I’d love to play more games. And they told me thanks, but the gig will pretty much be the same next year as it was this year.

So what should I do? Maybe God doesn’t want me doing this whole creative thing because it makes me a nasty person. Maybe he wants it on the side for me, but doesn’t want it as the center of my $ picture because it makes me too inward.

There’s always The EIT exam……

Potentially Nerve Wracking

1 Sep

Does this look nerve wracking to you?

I should be nervous right?

In other words,


To be honest, it’s not THAT scary. I’ve done things that have made me much more nervous in my life before. How do I reassure myself that I can do this and it’s no big deal? I cheat. Even though I have the anthem memorized, I read a lead sheet of it when I play it at the ball game. Why? Because that would be a really bad time for the power to go out in my brain.

So far, of the 4 out of 5 total times I’ll play that this year in that situation, it’s always gone well. Sometimes I totally crush it, and sometimes I just do okay. But I’ve had nothing resembling a near train wreck by any stretch. It’s nice to know that you can do something like this in a sticky situation with cameras in your face and a Friar breathing down your neck and keep your cool and have fun doing it!

One more Throwback Thursday left, September 30th.

Interesting Blog Statistic

27 Aug

I can’t say I’m entirely surprised by the following graph of hits on my blog. I started the blog in November of last year, and posted all kinds of interesting things that happened to me, thoughts that occurred to me, and music that I wrote or found interesting.

Over the past two or three months, my blog has taken a different turn. Posts have become less frequent, and they’ve become shorter. The subject matter has been less ‘all over the map’ as well.

That’s not to say nothing interesting has happened to me, or that it’s been a period of musical stagnation. These Summer months have been fruitful. There have been many tough moments, but an equally big compliment of great moments and first time milestones to make it a good Summer.

As August winds down I have one remaining Throwback Thursday (September 30th), the Skeetox Summer series has come to and end, outdoor gig season is over (not that I did any this year anyway), and the Fall is a comin. Here’s to a hopefully fruitful Fall full of more of the same!